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Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial Laundry Equipment is what we do. As one of Australia's leading coin operated and commercial laundry equipment suppliers, we have over 30 years experience supplying and servicing  Speed Queen, Maytag, LG Commercial, Unimac, Ipso and Lavamac/Primus washing machines and dryers.

Trusted and reliable suppliers across New South Wales and ACT.


  • Experience: With over 100 years of combined industry experience, CLA can offer expert advice no matter what type of laundry application you require.

  • Expertise: We ensure all aspects of any project are fully explored to avoid costly mistakes in machine sizing or function and correctly complying with legislative obligations.

  • Laundry Equipment: CLA provides access to premium quality commercial laundry equipment in the form of washers and dryers for the commercial laundry industry.

  • Spare Parts: We carry a wide range of spare parts for most popular brands of commercial laundry equipment including Lavamac, Speed Queen, Unimac, IPSO, Huebsch, Maytag, Primus, LG Commercial, plus others!!

  • Service: Our trained technicians have the knowledge required to ensure our customers problems are quickly and easily solved, and our fully stocked service vehicles mean we can have your laundry equipment up and running again, all in one visit.

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Commercial Laundry Appliances
Commercial Laundry Appliances 30 years
Celebrating THIRTY years in commercial laundry equipment servicing & supply
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Washing machines commercial

Commercial & 

washers ranging from 8kg to 18kg

Commercial Dryers

Commercial & Industrial 

Commercial Gas
dryers from 11kg
to 34kg

Coin Operated Washing machines

Coin Operated
Washers and 

For laundrettes, 

guest laundries,

common laundry


10 Kg Capacity

commercial laundry mnachine service


Maintenance Agreements take the worry out of costly repairs and loss of productivity.

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Cashless Laundry Systems

We stock a comprehensive

range of parts for commercial laundry equipment in some of the leading brands

Speed Queen and Kleenmaid parts,
CLA can help you with
  • equipment selection 

  • installation

  • service

  • parts 

  • preventative maintenance

At CLA we've gone BIG

10 Kg Capacity

Speed Queen Front Load

Understanding some important terminology, in regards to Commercial Laundry Equipment.

What is the difference between Light Commercial and Commercial
There is a clear difference between Light Commercial and Commercial Washers and Dryers.


Commercial machines have an extremely robust construction, built to withstand continuous work, over a single shift or longer. They are normally sold in capacities upwards of 13kg, a size very poular with Laundromats and Motels.

Light Commercial machines do not have the same framework/chassis bearings and motors, that Commercial models do, and are therefore a lot cheaper. They are however, built to do more work than domestic machines, and are meant to do a number of loads per day, provided they are not overloaded and treated like a Commercial machine. If maintained correctly, and treated with due respect, they last much longer than domestic models.

Hard mount / Rigid mount washer

Hard Mount

Soft mount commercial washing machines

Soft Mount

What is the difference between a Hard Mount and Soft Mount Washer?

Hard Mount washers (also known as rigid mount) have no internal suspension and need to be securely bolted to a reinforced concrete floor. In general, they cost considerably less than soft mount washers.
Due to the fact that they have a lower extraction or G Force
(100-200 G), laundry will take a longer time to dry, than with 
a high speed machine.

Soft Mount washers (also known as High Speed) have an internal suspension that cushions the vibration of high spin speeds. 
Due to the higher spin speeds, these washers achieve 
much higher extraction (380 - 420G Force) than hard mount washers. The nett result is a considerable saving in drying time and energy consumption, both contributing to higher profitability or production output.

What does G Force mean and how does it affect my productivity
The term G Force relates directly to the amount of water extracted during the spin process. It is not directly related to "spin speed".  It has more to do with the "Diameter" of the wash drum.

If you look at the illustration below, it will help
you to understand this. If you picture the blue dot
as a point on a small diameter drum and the purple
dot as a point in a larger diameter drum, if it is
turned one revolution, the purple dot travels a longer
distance. This means it achieves a higher speed in 
effect, thus "extracting" more water from a load.

This force is what is known as G Force and results in the highest amount of water being extracted from your load.
The benefit for your business is less time in the dryer  resulting in 
Energy and Labour savings.

We supply commercial laundry equipment to a wide range of industries. 

  • Healthcare - Hospitals, Nursing Homes

  • Hospitality Industry - Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Restaurants

  • Correctional Facilities

  • Laundrettes

  • Backpackers & Boarding

  • Student Accommodation

  • Spas and Beauty Salons

  • Sports Facilities

  • Mining

Commercial Laundry Appliances

Authorised supplier 

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