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Commercial Laundry Equipment is our primary focus. CLA was established by the current owners in 1989 and is one of Australia's leading commercial laundry equipment suppliers.


When you do business with Commercial Laundry Appliances, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a dynamic Company. Our product range is respected and used the world over and we offer our customers everything they expect from world leading manufacturers of laundry equipment. All of our machines are sold with industry leading warranties and the professional support of our service network.

Laundry Design

Over the past 30 years we have designed laundries for hundreds of customers, ranging from small common laundry rooms in apartment buildings to On Premise Laundries in motels, hotels and nursing homes.We offer a complete service from concept stage through to commissioning and include such things as proposed layout, architectural drawings, 3D renditions and assistance with all council applications. We assist you with health department requirements, trade waste, and compliance with building codes that apply to your laundry.

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