Commercial Washer and Dryer Rentals - Greater Sydney Area

We specialize in the supply and complete maintenance of commercial washers and dryers in buildings which currently have, or are designed for a share/common laundry.

Currently we supply many buildings and businesses across greater Sydney with coin or card operated and non-coin operated washing machines and dryers. These installations include university student accommodation, boarding houses, backpackers, apartments, hotels, motels, and small businesses such as salons and workshops.

Rental Options

All coin operated machines we supply have a computerised control that keeps a record of all cycles and coins. The computers are NOT able to be reset so any count is cumulative and fully auditable for your security and assurance.

CARD OPERATED: Depending on the number of machines in your laundry and the ability to communicate from the machines to a server via data cable, Wi Fi or 4G sim card, we may be able to install card operated machines that can be activated by most credit and debit cards. The latest systems can use a phone app to activate machines or monitor machine availability.

We prefer to offer you washing machines that are Front Loading as they are quieter, use up to 60% less water than an equivalent sized top loader and spin out moisture at a much higher “g force", resulting in shorter dry times.

Call us for a cost comparison and see how much you can save in utility costs annually.



OPTION 1:  Income Share

We supply and install your new machines at no cost to you. 

We collect all coins or manage card transactions. Each month, we share the revenue collected at an agreed percentage.
This is ideal as it allows you to earn an income from the laundry to offset any utility costs and the provision of laundry space. In most cases, the share you receive will be in excess of your outgoings. The payment of your share is made to your allocated property/strata manager or direct to your account at the end of every month. All machines are auditable so that you can monitor and verify income.

OPTION 2:  Monthly Rental

We supply you with new machines and you pay us a monthly rental.
This is ideal for example, where you own a laundrette and you want to use a card system, collect the coins or tokens, or need a machine in a laundry that has no need for coins, such as a childcare centre, dry cleaner, aged care facility, restaurant, etc.


We can supply rental machines ranging in size from 7.5kg to 18kg. 

ADD VALUE TO YOUR PROPERTY with new, current model washers and dryers. 

Ask CLA how we can renovate your laundry at no cost to you.  (subject to term of contract and number of machines) 

For a site inspection and rental quotation call us on 02 9898 6677.

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