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Finance - Upgrade equipment without a huge Capital outlay.

Finance is available, in the form of what is referred to as a Mini Lease, which provides 100% financing, from $1500 with no deposit. You can select a term between 36 and 60 months, which would best suit your monthly budget, and there will be no change over the term.

Who can use a Mini Lease?

Mini Lease's are suitable for Companies, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Schools and Organisations, Not for Profit's and Government entities.

No deposit required!

There is no upfront deposit required. However, you can lower the monthly payment by making an upfront payment if you choose.

How does this help my financing position?

Mini Lease is a very effective way of financing equipment. It takes the pressure off your capital expenditure and preserves your existing lines of credit.
With no deposit required, the decision to acquire new, income producing equipment, has been made a lot easier.

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