Maytag Commercial

                                        Commercial Laundry Appliances is an authorized supplier for MAYTAG in NSW.

                                                                     MAYTAG stands for quality and dependability.

At MAYTAG they are always focusing on better built equipment that delivers remarkable reliability, so customers can depend on their machines, day after day. Every part is tested, whether it is a door, drum or drive shaft, making sure it is up to the job. Continuous testing helps maintain the highest standards of cleaning, efficiency and performance of Maytag's famously dependable machines.

MAT20MN Non coin washer

MAT20PD Coin operated washer

MDE/G18MN Non coin dryer

MDE/G18PD Coin operated dryer


Non coin Front load washer


Coin operated Front load washer


Non coin Dryer


Coin operated dryer

MLE21MN Non coin Stacked washer/dryer

MLE20PD Coin operated stacked washer/dryer

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