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CLA - A very brief overview of our history and launch of the original Home Laundry washer and dryer range.

Commercial Laundry Appliances (CLA) has had a proud history in Australia with Maytag and Speed Queen products. We first started using Maytag  washers in 1988 for our rental business and found them reliable and easy to fix if they needed repairs. We use several commercial brands in our rental business including LG, Primus, Speed Queen and Maytag 

In 1999, CLA was appointed by Alliance Laundry Systems as the Speed Queen distributor for NSW and ACT and continued to act as distributor of the brand until 2011. Today, if you are seeking to purchase commercial laundry equipment, CLA offers you a choice of products by Alliance Laundry Systems and Whirlpool/MAYTAG to suit almost any laundry requirement.
















In 2009, the directors of CLA were asked by Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS), the manufacturers of Speed Queen, to assist them in marketing the home laundry machines in Australia. This was prompted by the demise of the original Kleenmaid company and the desire of Alliance Laundry Systems to maintain product sales volumes. 

It was decided that a new machine was required to replace the Kleenmaid brand and that it should be marketed under it's original name, Speed Queen. A new company was formed by the directors of CLA to manage the national distribution and marketing of these Home Laundry machines. This new company was named Speed Queen Home Laundry Appliances Pty Ltd. (HLA) and was based in Castle Hill, Sydney, with sales offices in Queensland and Victoria.


Today, CLA offers several leading brands of commercial washers and dryers including Speed Queen, Primus and MAYTAG, giving our customers the choice to select the best machines for their needs.

We have a team of experienced service personnel to maintain the reliability of your machines and we carry a comprehensive inventory of parts for most leading commercial brands.

Alliance Laundry Systems Global Leader Award

CLA’s consistent sales growth and customer focus were rewarded by Alliance Laundry Systems when we won the coveted Global Leader Award.


Speed Queen AWN552 Washer and ADETR Dryer

The original home laundry washer & dryer introduced to the Aussie market by CLA.

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