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Speed Queen SA050 and SA075 Gas Dryer with CARE Fire Suppression and OptiDry

  • 23kg / 34kg Capacity gas operated dryer

  • Microprocessor Controlled gives accurate control of temperature, heating time and cool down time

  • Features Auto Dry Cycles which reduces gas usage by giving accurate heat until the load is adequately dry

  • Programmable for level of dryness suitable for conditioning for subsequent ironing

  • Programmable for time dry

  • Reversing Cycle allows larger items to be adequately dried 

  • Instant Electronic Ignition. Instant heat applied to the load.

  • Combustion Auto Response Equipped protects your dryer and premises from possible fire



23Kg and 34 Kg Capacity

Speed Queen Gas Dryer Model SA050 and SA075

Brochure available on request

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